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Cicero & Friends is the ideal partner for businesses in the space and telecoms industry. The consultancy has successfully helped more space companies gaining media attention and recognition than any other communications consultancy.  Its experience with clients spans an entire range of NewSpace businesses, including smallsat launchers and deployers, satellite manufacturers and integrators, space mobility providers, operators of IoT/M2M services, data analysis providers for Earth Observation, and ground station operators. It even has a space industry body – Access.Space Alliance – among them.

Much like the IT, telecoms and Internet industry before, the space industry is going through an unprecedented boom. As a result of that huge expansion, companies are facing strong competition and the necessity to set their company apart. Emerging businesses and enterprises alike recognise the need for communications and telling their story to customers, media, partners, suppliers, investors and the public. Cicero & Friends can help you telling your story and building your reputation.

Communications is an essential part of building a reputation, for new and established businesses. From convincing investors, to building acknowledgement, trust and credibility in your company. C&F can help you to better engage  with journalists, influencers, customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

C&Fwill work with you to get your news and stories developed and delivered to the right people. Providing Services that support your business, small and large. From simple press releases, pitches for panel discussions to full lenght feature articles and customer case studies.

To find out how C&F can help your business succeed contact us.

"Cicero & Friends are true media professionals.  We needed someone with the ability to translate our technological programme and commercial objectives into a persuasive media and communications plan.  C&F proved exceptionally capable and helped us extend that into decisive implementation across the media community and communications outlets in the UK, Europe and USA.  All of this was achieved without the need to engage a cumbersome and bureaucratic organisation and benefitted from C&F's direct and effective communication style."  Stuart McIntyre, CEO Orbital Access Limited


"Harry’s role was to provide strategic advice on public relations and he did that very well. Harry steadily encouraged us to think proactively and in an organized manner, rather than responding to crises or events opportunistically. We had no internal capability so Harry was instrumental in getting our news items placed in the media.
"We were a start-up, so we were usually in crisis mode. Harry was unflappable in his support. He was also tireless, making himself available whenever the situation demanded it. And he maintained a sense of humor even when matters were very tense." Matt O'Connell, formerly CEO OneWeb


"C&F are great and methodical PR professionals - their experience in the field, professional advice as well as connections with space-tech & telecoms journalists has helped NanoAvionics to gain better exposure in the industry and share the expertise of the company's leadership with relevant audiences."
Vytenis J. Buzas, CEO NanoAvionics


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