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Harry Pirrwitz
Managing Director

Mobile:   +49 (0)176 4599 6687

Harry is the founder and managing director of Cicero & Friends Communications Consulting.  He is also a council member of the UK Chapter of Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI).

He combines 23 years of in-house and agency experience in the IT, telecom and space sector with a great passion and huge appetite for new technologies. After 20 years in London, he has now moved to Hamburg, Germany.

Harry has advised startups and large brands on their communications including Virgin Galactic, OneWeb, Orbital Access, Skyrora, NanoAvionics, Exolaunch, Qualcomm, BT, NEC, CA Technologies, Vanco, Nvidia and Micromuse. Harry also spent two years as an industry analyst with clients such as Cisco, HP, Alcatel and Linksys. He has a master's degree in communications from Leipzig University.

Outside the office Harry is a passionate photographer and tennis player. When he isn't trying to hitch a ride on a rocket, he will be running after a fuzzy green ball or trekking through rainforests with his trusted camera, looking for lemurs, mountain gorillas or orangutans.

Space factoid: Harry was born in the year of NASA's record breaking Apollo 17 mission: the last time a human walked on the Moon. Apollo 17 was also the first night launch of a U.S. human spaceflight and the final crewed launch of a Saturn V rocket. Apollo 17 was the most recent time humans travelled beyond low Earth orbit. And it was the first mission to have no one on board who had been a test pilot.

"Harry is an experienced marketing and public relations professional. His agency background is a great strength; his industry experience gives him great depth. Harry also understands that communications is a relationship business and he works to develop and honour his relationships with others.” Ken Lempit, President, Austin Lawrence Group Inc.

“Harry is an intelligent and thoughtful communications professional who is interested to explore and advance innovative approaches and new ideas. He has good international experience and understanding of cross-cultural communications with a strong sense of loyalty and commitment.” Mike Love, Communications and Campaigns Adviser, Burson-Masteller

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