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Every company has a reputation. You can either manage that reputation professionally or leave it to chance!

Cicero & Friends is the only communications consultancy specialised in PR for space companies. Of course we also support IT, telecoms and other space related technology businesses. For more information or an initial chat please contact us.

Consulting - Writing - Engaging

Our standard toolbox includes:

  • Writing and distributing press releases, articles and customer case studies

  • Engaging with journalists and influencers

  • Organising speaking opportunities and panel events

  • PR and corporate communications

  • Media training

  • Social media

  • Analyst relations

We also believe that the best results come from a more holistic and strategic approach. For this we offer services like developing Story Campaigns, your Tone of Voice as well as individual Communication Concepts. Please ask for our flexible startup offer.

Cicero & Friends is the ideal partner for businesses in the space and telecoms industry. We have successfully helped more space companies gaining media attention and recognition than any other communications consultancy.  Our experience with clients spans the entire range of NewSpace businesses, including smallsat launchers and deployers, satellite manufacturers and integrators, operators of IoT/M2M services, data analysis providers for Earth Observation, mobility services, Space Traffic Management and ground station operators. We even have a space industry body – Access Space Alliance – among them.

Much like the IT, telecoms and Internet industry before, the space industry is going through an unprecedented boom. As a result of that huge expansion, companies are facing strong competition and the necessity to set their company apart. Emerging businesses and enterprises alike recognise the need for communications and telling their story to customers, media, partners, suppliers, investors and the public. At Cicero & Friends we help you with creating your story and building your reputation.

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Communications is an essential part of your reputation; for new and established businesses. From elevator pitches trying to convince investors, to building acknowledgement, trust and credibility in your company, we can help you to better engage with customers, partners, influencers, journalists, employees and other stakeholders.

We will work with you to get your news and stories developed and delivered to the right people. Providing Services that support your business, small and large.

To find out more how C&F can help your business succeed contact us.

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